Whether it is a new construction, re-roof or retrofit project, we can provide you with a precise estimate that will explain step by step, with attention to manufacturer's specifications. We insure that when we are done, you will have a quality installation without any problems. Low slope roofs and steep roofing is our expertise.


Waterproofing requirements on projects has been a focus to detail and product and system selection. Depending upon your projects location, geological features and the service expectancy of your building, we can provide the right system for you project. If we don't have all of the answers, you can be assured, we will enlist the services of professionals to provide the correct solution.

Building Repairs

Siding, window and door replacement, remodels and tenant improvements as well as complete build-outs, BARTEK International, Inc. can provide the service to remedy your buildings problems and issues. Additions and remodels are part of our portfolio of services.

Low Slope Roof Conversions

With over 20 years building with Cold-Formed Steel or Light Gauge Steel, as most in the industry like to refer to, BARTEK International, Inc. has the expertise and knowledge to convert your low-slope roof into an architecturally and environmentally friendly pitched roof that will immediately change the appearance of your building or home. Low-sloped roofs can be a challenge with the ongoing maintenance requirements. You may change that flat roof into one that is aesthetically pleasing while lowering your life-cycle costs.

Interior Barrier Teknology Protecting Your Living and Working Environment

The control of moisture inside of a building is now standard. Treatment of concrete beneath finish floor treatments and coverings will control moisture formations in concrete that is an issue beneath and a leading cause of failure. Vapor Guard

Dura-Clad is an innovative, high performance, decorative and impermeable wall and ceiling finish that moisture will not penetrate.  Problems with embedded and introduced moisture in gypsum and concrete substrates can be a serious issue in kitchens and restrooms. Dura-Clad is a seamless finish that is extremely tough and resilient, while keeping moisture out. Commercial kitchens, wash-out areas and restrooms are ideal candidates for Dura-Clad cutting the cost of most finishes useing tile, cladding and panel systems.

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