Our Services

Building Envelope

BARTEK International, Inc. focus on the Building Envelope providing waterproofing for foundations, air barrier systems for waterproofing exterior walls and all types of roofing to accomplish thermal and moisture objectives.

Repairs and Restoration

Keeping your building from the effects of moisture and heat is an ongoing challenge. In addition to keeping the integrity of your building envelope, we can also restore, repair or replace siding, windows and doors.

Roof Framing and Reconfiguration

With the advances in light gauge steel framing, changing the design slope and roof configuration of your building can be achieved. Pre-engineered trusses allow a wide range of design capabilities because of its weight to strength ratio. Converting that low sloped roof to a steep roof eliminate the problems with low sloped roofs and increases the life cycle cost by utilizing materials that have up to a 50 year life expectancy.